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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

It is one thing to know something, and entirely different to apply what you know consistently in your life. Yes, there is power in knowledge, but there is so much more power in taking that knowledge and doing something productive and result producing with it. After all, having all the knowledge in the world doesn't amount to much if we never apply it.

We must take the knowledge we have and actually do something with it! Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • If we know the value of planning and we know how to plan, yet we fail to plan, what have we gained? Therefore, in order for our knowledge of planning to mean anything at all, we who know how to plan will be planners!

  • If we know the best way to treat people is to be kind and gentle to them, and yet fail to consistently treat others with kindness and gentleness, can we really say that being kind and gentle is very important to us? But when we do know that gentleness and kindness is a must, we will be kind and gentle!

  • If we know the importance of encouraging others, but go around criticizing people all the time, does it really matter what we know? Because it is important to encourage others, we will be an encouragement to others.

The point is, if you know something, then just simply do it!

Finally, today I encourage you to approach life with this attitude and watch to see what happens: Adopt, adapt and apply positive, healthy, and sound principles into your life every day. Carefully filter out the junk in this world and take hold of and adopt the things that make sense, taking responsibility for these things; then adapt them to your methods of operation and ways of getting things done and apply them with every opportunity that comes your way.

See everything in life as an opportunity to Adopt, adapt. and apply. Then hang on with both hands ' cuz you're going for a joy ride!

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