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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Never ever underestimate the power of a seed

I was very fortunate to have been raised on a farm where Mom and Dad taught us kids some awesome lifelong principles. Even though I did not realize at the time just how fortunate I was, now I am able to look back in appreciation of all that I learned growing up on the farm-things like...

  • Nothing in life is free or easy

  • Get up and out of bed early every morning

  • Work and work hard

  • To harvest a crop, you must first plant

  • Pick the weeds and pick the rocks

  • Keep the barn clean.

The list could go on and on. In those days, I always had lots of chores to do on the farm, but planting seeds became my favorite thing to do. Planting seeds is still my favorite thing to do. Since I moved away from the farm many years ago, I discovered a way to continue planting seeds. Instead of planting wheat and corn seeds into the rich, fertile soil, I now plant what I call "Positive Seeds" into the lives of others. I plant seeds of hope, seeds of love, seeds of encouragement, seeds of wisdom, seeds of ideas, and of course, seeds of success. Sometime, just like on the farm, the seeds have fallen on rocky ground, and the result is little or no harvest. But many, many times the seeds have fallen on the lives of people who were hungry for growth, for change, for a richer, fuller and happier life. Today I am humbled by the thousands of clients, friends, and associates from all over the United States, who have become an intimate part of my life just because I chose to plant seeds of goodness in the lives of the people I meet. Let me encourage you to do the same. The harvest is great. I see no signs of a drought in healthy friendships and relationships for you it you choose to plant "Positive Seeds" of joy, peace, and goodness in the lives of those that you touch today.

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