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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We all have such busy lives. Often when I take–or proactively make–the investment of time and effort to “pause and reflect” it pays rich rewards. Hard driving people have a difficult time pausing. Off to the races is their motto. Run, go, move, make, do, all mindsets that are vital in life, yet there is still time for pause.

A brief pause restores clarity. A brief reflection on lessons learned and nuggets collected on the journey is always wise. Stop today and reflect on where you have been. What are some of the discoveries you have made on your journey. Did you jot them down? Share them with others so they can learn from the path you took.

Stop today. Shut off the tv, radio, and internet. Pull up your calendar and start flipping through past days and weeks and reflect on your journey. Is there a golden thread? Is there a lesson learned? Note it and treasure it whether good or bad.

Take time to pause!

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