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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Never in a million years would I have ever thought...hmmm this morning a cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of hemp seeds sure sounds good for breakfast. Well today, that happened. I am about half way through breakfast and here I am penning this prose. Growing up on the farm Mom would serve up three eggs, pancakes, link sausage, toast and juice each morning. There would also be a large glass of whole dairy milk, and maybe a cup of creamy coffee with a dollop of honey too. That was half a century ago too. Times sure have changed. I am okay with that. I have lived a full and happy life and am blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren all living close by. My sweet wife of 40 years (coming this November) living along with me in our beautiful home and property filled with fruit trees and gardens. We are free to travel most anywhere and everywhere as the winds–and of course where my speaking engagements–take me. People ask me about change a lot. My answers follow these threads. It is vitally important to be understanding and accepting of the fact that there will always be change. Change is one thing that we can always count on to occur in our lives. One of our favorite sayings in our home is “new information causes change!” Well, back to my yogurt and health nut seeds. Amid all the change I am dealing with in the various areas of my life, one thing I am noticing more and more is the change that is occurring in me as a result of the aging process coupled with the effects of life-long habits. I have been working to change some of those habits. But it hard to not give into the temptations of chocolate pudding and doughnuts, even though I have for the most part given them up. Working on my health is big part of my strategy for the next ten years and I am committed to implementing even more change in my diet–thus the yogurt and hemp seeds. Because change is so blooming hard, I have a few key attitudes I have been working on to help make change. I want to share them with you today.

  • Flexibility. When you are trying to implement change in your life, realize you will experience setbacks from time to time. Learning to roll with the waves of challenges that come naturally with change, is vital.

  • Kindness, patience, and grace. These are crucial attitudes to possess when dealing with the changes that come our way. I say this because very often when we are facing change, the stress makes it way too easy to be too hard on ourselves, which in turn causes us to be too hard on others. As we make it a priority to be kind and patient with ourselves, we will have what we need to bring us through the changes in life in a more graceful way–with ourselves and with those around us.

These are simply a few of my thoughts today. I hope this encourages you on your journey of life-change.

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