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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We all have heard it said many times, “If you want a friend, you have to be a friend!” And we know it is true. Now I am not talking about collecting “friends” on Facebook by the hundreds, as so many of us are prone to do. No, I am talking about the type of friend who will go through tough times with you and explore new opportunities with you. I truly hope you are not lonely; however, if you do struggle with having and maintaining healthy friendships, we need to fix this. Keep in mind there are several levels–or tiers–of friendships.

  • Fair weather friends show up and leave with the wind.

  • Funny friends are funny people who can make you laugh.

  • Brutally honest friends tell you like it is.

  • Wild friends can get you in trouble.

  • Best friends forever (BFF) accepts you warts and all!

Some friends are a combination of one or more of the above. (I have a couple of those.) I have encountered many lonely people in this world. We can turn this around if we wish. I have found that women have got this friendship thing down, but we men generally struggle with friendships. I have often pondered the differences, and have come to realize it doesn’t have to be this way. Friendship development can be an awesome journey–a natural and organic process. Being a friend requires several attitudes and mindsets, such as giving of our time and energy; listening intently to each others thoughts and feelings. It involves helping another with their tasks and projects when needed, and being there when needed with advice, encouragement and suggestions or sometimes just being there and saying nothing. So if you are convinced that friendship is lacking in your life, and you really want to have more friends, here a few ideas for you.

  • Reach out and connect.

  • Give a gift.

  • Write a positive note or card.

  • Follow up and follow through when some type of help is requeste.

  • Be a friend.

  • Give and keep on giving.

Building lasting friendships is where the real treasures can be found. Remember, it is not what we take from this world–it is what we give that really matters. Have I always been the “bestest” of friend to another. In honesty, I must admit that I am not. I have failed many times over the years in how I have handled others outside of my family unit. This in its self motivates me to be a better friend into the future. There are tons and tons of good reasons to keep moving forward. Join me on my journey to healthier and mega super friendships and never be lonely again.

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