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Count your blessings

Years ago I took a large black marker and wrote "Blessings Book" on a spiral notebook with the goal in mind of writing down all the blessings I could identify in my life. Over time, literally hundreds of blessings appeared in my notebook. I actually wore the notebook out with these lists upon lists of the blessings in my life. I would review this lists whenever I became discouraged, frustrated, hurt, or felt some type of rejection. I'd never have to read very many of these blessings before I would start to notice a change in my attitude and realize that recovery had begun. Today, I still have my blessings lists, only now they are in my Life Strategy Manual that guides my daily living. I still review them on a regular basis whether I need to or not. Trust me, they are a life saver! These lists of blessings have pulled me through huge piles and piles of muck. A blessing can be anything. Just start counting: Count your joys. Count your friends. List your talents and abilities. Record the names of people who have blessed you. Don't forget to include your children and the good things they have brought to your life. Jobs, bosses, bonuses all could be added to your Blessings Book, too. If you don't have a blessings journal I would encourage you to start one today. Count your blessings and it will be life changing and life affirming-not just for you, but for those around you, too. After all, no one can resist someone who has an attitude of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving

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