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Bob Prentice: Fruit of My Labor

Of all the fruits and vegetables we grow here in our gardens, orchards and greenhouse I must admit my favorite is the strawberry. If you take care of them well and they come back year after year. These strawberries produce a fruit about the size of a small plum. Huge strawberries! Very Juicy. Of course, we love all the other fruit we grow here as well. The apples, pears, cherries, plums, mulberries, chokecherries, and raspberries. I really enjoy making cherry juice out of the cherries. Oh my I forgot about the cherry cobbler. Yummy. I remind my wife and family that gardening is my therapy. Literally this is how I keep my level headed thinking. I love staying grounded with my fingers in the dirt. Oh, yes! And I love eating the “fruit” of my labor!

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