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Over the last 40 years I have gleaned quite a few strategies and tips that have assured I am employed and able to earn an income. These particular tips are ten of my favorite ones relating to telephone interviews. Whether you are on a phone interview with a potential employer or making contact with a potential client, I am sharing these result-producing tips with you today.

  1. Prior to the interview, research the industry, the company, the leadership and have in hand a piece of information you have discovered that you can share with them to show your initiative.

  2. Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. Always start with this one: “May I have permission to ask you a few questions?” The purpose of this is to show respect.

  3. Ten minutes before the interview, stop whatever you are doing and focus on nothing but the interview at hand. Be sure your environment is conducive to an effective interview.

  4. Place a mirror in front of you to confirm that you are smiling during the interview. Your natural smile will be heard by the interviewer, showing them you are an upbeat and positive person.

  5. Present conclusive evidence to back up everything you say about yourself. This would include testimonials, referrals, statistics, reports and examples of your own work, that demonstrate your abilities and capabilities, not to mention your credibility.

  6. Set yourself apart from other applicants by offering to work for FREE. I have actually done this and it works because nobody expects it. The idea is to demonstrate you are willing to go the extra mile–to show them what makes you the best person for the job.

  7. Ask questions about the company’s struggles and challenges. Then suggest ways you could be part of the solution to those challenges to show you know how to solve problems.

  8. Be transparent. Let the interviewer see and know the real you so you can establish trust. Remember that trust is everything.

  9. Clearly communicate with enthusiasm that you would love to go to work for them. Be assertive and ask for the job/position to demonstrate your confidence.

  10. Convey your appreciation by thanking them for the opportunity to visit with them.

Feel free to call me at 605-450-1955 with your comments and/or questions regarding this topic or any other topic relating to attitude, sales, teamwork, customer service or leadership.

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