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Making the time and finding the energy to improve one's self is, in my opinion, a very wise investment, and yet I am amazed at how many people I meet who do not fully understand the importance of personal and professional development and training for themselves. Investing one's time and money in learning is a powerful thing. We each have so much potential that could and should be tapped. I have found that investing in my own continuing education is far more profitable to me than investing in the stock market. Gaining knowledge is one thing, however learning the skills to think, plan, and make dreams turn into realities, is entirely another matter. This can be accomplished by taking the time to sharpen our axe. I personally choose not to be dull. I want to be sharp. I want to be ready at all times to cut wood-that is, to make things happen in life. I encourage everyone I meet to become a person who craves more education and hungers for learning. Taking seminars and classes, reading books and listening to CD's, talking to others and asking a ton of questions are all ways one can sharpen their axe. You may benefit from this four-step process I use quite often to sharpen my own axe. Keep in mind that the primary reason for improving oneself is so to be more effective in getting along, uplifting and contributing to others' lives in a positive manner.

  • Step One: I CAN! Make a list of all your skills and abilities.

  • Step Two: I AM! Make a list of all your roles and responsibilities.

  • Step Three: I HAVE! Make a list of all your assets.

  • Step Four: I WILL! Make a list of all you goals, dreams and desires.

Apply this process in your everyday life and you will be amazed at the results. Indeed, you will discover a definite sharpening of your axe!

If you'd like some help with sharpening your axe, give me a call at 605-450-1955!

I'm here to assist you in turning your dreams into realities!

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