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Mike Derby, a Rapid City, South Dakota entrepreneur says: "It has been my pleasure to have worked with Bob "Mr. Attitude" Prentice for over 25 years in various capacities. The different business services he has provided include sales coaching, business plans, employee recruitment, key result areas, performance standards and the list goes on and on. Bob is prompt, thoughtful, creative, intuitive and always has an upbeat, positive attitude. Hire "Mr. Attitude" today and expect great results tomorrow."

Dr. Christian Hageseth, professional from Fort Collins, Colorado says: "I have known and worked with Bob Prentice for two years. The single most important thing I can say about him is that he practices what he preaches. Our relationship has been both personal and professional. His professional tutoring is very effective. He always has more ideas up his sleeve just when you think there is no place else to go. On a personal note, I have witnessed his optimistic attitude function superbly despite what is going on in his life. He lives his “Mr. Attitude.”


Amy R. Willis, owner of Herbs4You, Sioux Falls, South Dakota says: "Bob’s help has had a tremendous positive effect on my business! Not only the advice that he gives, but the spirit of enthusiasm, optimism, encouragement, and down to earth common sense has helped me start my business on the right track and kept me out of the pit of discouragement. I don’t think my business would be doing so well as it is today without his help!

Gordon Eisenberg, owner of Great Trade Solutions and Earths Watch, Charlotte, North Carolina says: In today’s fast paced world there are fewer and fewer people who have intelligence, honesty and reliability we can turn to. One of the people I have great confidence in working with and recommending to other business people is Bob Prentice of Professional Development Systems. Bob is a person who listens to you and analyzes how to make improvements for your business and yourself in work and in life. Even calling Bob and running some ideas by him for five to ten minutes lifts me intellectually and make me manage my time and make better business decisions. Bob is great and I highly, highly recommend him.”


JoAnn Ruchlewicz, Esq., owner of The Law Offices of JoAnn Ruchlewicz, Lancaster, Pennsylvania says: I have only had three coaching sessions with Bob Prentice, however, I have gained a vast amount of information to improve my business. We have already done a personal assessment to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses. We have discussed the value of making a plan for every area of my life. In addition, he has shared valuable time management skills. I have already started implementing all that I have learned into my personal and professional life!


Rick Hidalgo, Sioux Falls, South Dakota says: Mr. Attitude Bob Prentice is a well of refreshing water in a dry land. His inspiration and expert planning techniques are helping me to set the pieces of my career in place. He helps you find yourself and organize yourself for success.”

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