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Have you ever been in the situation when you and another person are not seeing eye to eye on an issue? Sure you have. We all have, and it's not always an easy position to be in, is it?

If there were a way you could be more convincing in life, would you want to have the tools to be able to do that? Keep in mind that human nature is full of natural curiosity, which means that winning people to your way of thinking can be as easier than you might expect.

It's also important to remember that most people won't do anything unless they have a "want to". That is why winning someone to your way of thinking starts with creating a hunger in that person. You need to help them develop a new attitude, arousing in them such an "itch" that it begs to be scratched, all the while talking in terms of what the benefit will be to them.

To accomplish this objective you will want to capture the person's attention in a creative and innovative way. Start asking questions that you know will bring you a YES, YES response. First, ask questions that will cause the person to first feel good about him/her self; then ask a question or two that will cause them to feel a little pain. (People usually need to experience a little pain before change will occur.)

Good communication and human relations skills are absolutely vital if you are to win people and influence them for good. Draw the person in like a magnet with your smile and natural enthusiasm. Show them respect, and always be kind and gracious.

In the classroom where much of my training occurs, I apply these principles to an entire group of people. I start with gaining permission from the group to get them involved. As soon as I gain their confirmation and a resounding YES, I begin.

Then, through a series of processes and effective communications, the journey of change and winning people to my way of thinking about attitude or leadership or any of the topics I speak about, continues.

I want to clarify here, that this is not some kind of technique to manipulate, take advantage of, or harm people in any way. When I want to arouse an eager want in others to win them to my way of thinking, the goal is always to assure that I am doing everything in my power to cause the group to win and each individual to have the success that they deserve.

I have found that when used correctly, the tools I have shared here with you, will bring out the best in people and aid them in accomplishing their goals, dreams and desires.

If you are a salesperson, apply this principle with your prospective customers. If you are a leader you can practice on your employees. If you are a parent it works great with the kids. Just make sure there are no losers in the proposition.

Remember your goal is not only to win someone to your way of thinking, but to gain a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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