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The dynamics of business, in this time of such uncertainty, is continually changing. How do we as business people cope with those changes? One thing for sure is that we must be certain we are operating on the cutting edge.

What do I mean by 'cutting edge'?

We all know the cutting edge of a knife is the sharp side–the side you slice and dice with. The cutting edge, if it is to maintain its ability to cut, also requires care and even some occasional sharpening.

For us as business leaders, the cutting edge is where we know we need to be the sharpest so we can cut it-–that is thrive and succeed–as we compete in the marketplace. We need to keep our skills and attitudes sharp, and work hard to protect ourselves from anything that may dull our creativity and our potential, including 'dull' people-those people that don't see the need to learn and grow and stay sharp.

How do we keep our cutting edge sharp?

First of all by connecting ourselves with others who are sharp. Hang out with positive, uplifting people.

Secondly, make daily investments into their lives. This will return back to you ten-fold! Be willing to sharpen your talents, skills, and knowledge no matter what the cost.

Read and write about what matters to you the most. Pouring things out of your head on paper or in a word processor will help you formulate your thinking. This will keep you sharp-trust me. In fact, one of the many reasons that I write this blog is that it forces me to stay disciplined and focused in my life. It actually helps me process my thoughts and ideas. The feedback that I get–both positive and negative–also helps to keep me sharp, keeping me on that cutting edge.

Take the time–no, make the time–-to invest in sharpening your cutting edge. You will discover that your life will be richer, your business or organization will be running smoother and you will be operating on the cutting edge.

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