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Would you like to make sure that your new year gets off on the right foot? How would you like to make a positive fresh start, with a new beginning and that allows you to finish the race ahead of schedule? If your answer is Yes, then permit me to ask you a few more questions?

  • Do you have your goals written down and in place?

  • Are your priorities in order?

  • Are you prepared?

  • Is your head on straight and are you thinking right?

  • Do you have the right attitude?

Honestly, I catch myself, asking myself, these questions just about everyday in a process that I refer to as a “check-up from the neck up.”

My motivation for these check-ups is simply this: I know that when I am not focusing on my goals and priorities, I am not ready for the challenges and opportunities that come my way, and my thinking and attitudes are wrong, then nothing seems to work in my life. This is a fact that has been proven to me many times over the years. I find that the days I don’t give myself one of these check-ups, it is pretty easy for me to get off track in one or more areas of my life.

That is why I love new beginnings so much! (Don’t we all?) I truly value the fresh start that comes with the beginning of a new year, a new month, a new week, a new day, or even a new hour. These fresh starts allow me an opportunity to get things back on track as I make the necessary adjustments to my goals, priorities, plans, thoughts, and attitudes, and they can do the same for you!

Allow me to challenge you, in this first month of a new year, to do what I do: Make it a point to give yourself a “check-up from the neck up” as often as it is necessary to keep yourself on track in your personal and professional life. Imagine the incredible growth that must be in store for each of us as we seize the opportunities for a fresh start that each new beginning affords!

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