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Encouragement means your friend "gains courage" from being with you and responds to your words and attitudes. Over the last 35 or more years in the business world, one of the principles that has worked most profoundly for me is the principle of being an encourager.

I remember once having a boss who never encouraged me until I began showing him some appreciation. It was like a miracle. Within days of encouraging him, I noticed his return of words of encouragement to me. I must believe the old attitude that whenever you give you will receive. This is quite simple.

The greatest joy in my life is based upon this principle. Sharing and giving without expectation of return is very gratifying. I also realize that the relationships that I have built to this point are so very precious to me, because they have been built based upon this very basic concept.

Do you know people who need to "gain a little courage"? Why not take time today to write down the names of at least three people that you will focus on to become an encouragement to in days and weeks ahead. Take action, find the right time, the right place and let 'em have it. You'll knock their socks off–I guarantee it.

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