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Are you making the right kinds of choices and decisions? Look back on your life and then look at it now. What you have and what you see now are the results of the choices and decisions that you have made.

Amazingly, each of us makes literally thousands of daily choices and decisions throughout our lifetime. Here are just a few examples of the many types and kinds of choices we make:

• Who to spend time with

• The way you will comb your hair

• What you will eat

• How fast you will drive

• Whether you go to church or not

• If you will use your credit card now or wait until you have the cash

• How often you are late for something

• How often you feel sorry for yourself

• How much you respect yourself

• The amount of time you will spend with your children

• How you will handle your challenges at work

• How interested you are in others thoughts and opinions

• Where you will get your pleasures

• What your responses will be when you do not get your way

• How you will carry yourself

• How much appreciation and encouragement you will give

• What your personal goals will be

• How hard you want to work

• Whether you will put things off or get it done now

I could go on and on, since there really is no end to the number of decisions that we must make in a day, a week, a year, a lifetime.

There is no question that how we choose to live our lives will affect our outcomes and the type of life we will lead. In fact, I was sharing with a friend just last week that each decision we make will determine what new choices will be presented to us next. It's kind of like a circle of life. If you want to live a life that is full of joy, peace, success and fruitfulness, make sure that when confronted with the opportunity of choice that you choose wisely!

Many who make an unwise choice are not happy with the results of their decision-making and may not even realize how that one choice, followed by more unwise choices spiraled downward to disappointment and frustration in their life. I am reminded of something I ran across, that illustrates my point perfectly:

John did not get his promotion because he did not get all his work done on time because he was late yesterday because he had to stop for gas because he didn't stop for gas the night before because he was late coming home because he was working late because he came in late that morning because he had to iron a shirt because he had nothing clean to wear because he forgot to pick up his shirts from the cleaners on his way home the day before because...

How sad John lost out on a promotion. Too bad he chose to procrastinate, putting things off, taking short cuts and failing to plan and think things through. What a difference a wise choice or two would have made along the way.

Don't be like John. Living your life by your own choices and decisions is one of the most incredible freedoms any of us can and will ever have and can lead to fulfillment or frustration.

You get to choose! I encourage you to Choose Wisely!

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