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Solving everyday challenges can sometimes be exhausting. I find I must think about and take action on them daily or I can get bogged down quite fast. When I get an idea and simply let it float around in my head, there is the potential for getting into real trouble, especially if I act on that idea without fully thinking it through. There are times when I have found myself "knee deep in alligators" because I have moved directly from the idea stage to taking action, and in doing so, have missed a vital step in the process. That vital step, of course, is capturing my thoughts on paper.

You see, thinking about ideas is one thing, but taking action on them is an entirely different matter. Getting those thoughts out of your head and down on paper really does help to reduce the stress and anxiety of implementing your ideas prematurely. Not only that, but when we extract our thoughts and ideas from our mind by writing them down so we can see them in black and white right in front of us, I believe we are better prepared to take action with a greater confidence than when we just try to wing it. Seeing something from a whole new angle and perspective helps sort through the confusion of old mind sets, beliefs, attitudes and convictions.

Seeing an idea on paper makes it more tangible-more real. Capturing my thoughts on paper helps me to weigh the pros and cons of an idea, and look at the different options and choices I may have. For me, capturing my thoughts on paper is not only a personal requirement, but also a form of mental therapy, especially when my mind starts to feels cluttered and I am having a difficult time focusing. When my mind is free and uncluttered, I am able to be more creative and more ideas come to mind-one of which may just be the answer I have been looking for to solve my challenge.

We can be assured there is hope for finding the answers to the challenges we are encountering as we go about the days doing our best to make a living, raise a family, prosper in our work, etc. We are all looking for ways to succeed in all we are doing-whether it be increasing income, achieving a specific goal or accomplishing a project-and the best way I know how to do this is by getting our ideas down on paper.

Capture your thoughts on paper! It is one of the most intelligent things I think a person can do. The bottom line is this:

Think! Write it down!

Then take action and BECOME!

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