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Balance defined: mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior and judgment; moderation; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance; exercise of self-control.

I aspire to achieve balance in all things, and yet I find that life is often filled with such extremes that at times it feels like one great big balancing act. Finding the proper balance is an art and a skill, which we often learn by trial and error. Since hindsight is 20/20, age and maturity are invaluable to the process of achieving the proper balance in life. It is probably safe to assume that we will always have room to grow in this area as long as we live.

Balance and moderation go hand in hand. Striving to find balance and moderation helps us to manage our selves. This exercise of restraint over our impulses, emotions and desires, is known as self-control.

You have probably heard this before: You are the Chief Executive Officer of your life; or this one: You are the Captain of your ship. This simply means that each of us is responsible for making right decisions in our lives. We must choose whether, or not, we will exercise self-control and restraint to achieve balance and moderation in all things.

I have found that making right choices and decisions is a vital key to determining how and where to find the proper balance in life. Allow me to explain.

First, of all, you must consciously choose to filter everything through your relationship with God. Since God alone sees the big picture, this is one of the smartest things we can do to assist us in our living balanced, moderate and self-controlled lives. Talk with God about all that concerns you. God is never going to force us, one way or another, to do something, because He gives us a free will. But when we choose to lay it all at His feet, He will help us to find the answers we seek.

Secondly, choosing an accountability partner, will help insure success in living a more balanced, self-controlled life. Find someone who will encourage you, challenge you, and yes, even remind you, because, you see, self control is really a bit of a misnomer. We can really never do anything ourselves. We were not designed to go it alone. We need others to bring out our best in life.

In closing, remember this: Self control, moderation and balance is really the result of making wise choices. Though achieving balance and moderation in all things is never easy, it is well worth the effort, and will lead to greater success in our daily living.

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