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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

My dad taught me the concept of hard work. Cleaning barns, baling hay, raising livestock, picking rocks in the fields were all things I learned as a kid growing up on the family farm. Believe me, there is nothing easy about farming, or about all that things that followed. Building a life is hard. Starting a career is hard. Raising children is hard. Getting up everyday and going off to work is hard. Growing and changing is hard. Every day we humans wake up and do the hard stuff and in doing so, over time develop a mental toughness per se’. Working hard is common place for many of us in the world today for life and survival. Allow me to encourage you to pause for a moment and ask yourself this question: Why am I working so hard? Am I working hard for money? Am I working hard for prestige? Find your reason you work so hard and you may find your passion. Last week, I was visiting with a hard working business man and I asked him why? He really had no clue. No mission, no vision, no passion just work, hard work.

The hard work is hard with no passion and no vision.

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