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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Have you ever been counting on someone to get something done, and when you ask them about it, all you got was excuses? It seems some people are way better at launching off into a litany of reasons why they couldn't get the job done, in an effort to justify their inaction, than they are simply owning up to the fact that they have failed to do what they said they would do. We all know people like that and we really hate it when people do that to us. Yet, if we are honest, we may have to admit that we are pretty good at making excuses, too. Funny thing is, when we speak out these excuses to others we aren't fooling anyone; people know when we are just making excuses. If we make excuses often enough, it has the potential to become a massive negative habit in our lives. Over time, as we get all caught up in this cycle, it actually causes a form of entitlement and even a form of arrogance. Pretty nasty results from a bad habit, I would say.

Fortunately my sweet wife pointed these negative characteristics out in me early in our marriage, so I decided to work massively hard to make change in this area of my life. Trust me, I still struggle everyday to not give in to the temptation of making justifications and excuses.

Over the years I have had to retrain my thinking regarding this so that I would not be a habitual excuse maker. Every day I choose to operate in a much more effective way. I do my best to simply do what I say I am going to do, and when I have failed in some way, I simply admit it. No excuses.

No excuses! has become my mantra! No excuses! has become my mission. No excuses! has become, for me, a way of life.

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