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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

When life hits you in the head full force and whacks you really good that is when you need a little grit. This whacking happens to me quite often actually. When this head whacking phenomenon began to happen close to the age of 20 I did not understand completely. Reflecting back, I realize things in life were hitting me hard from poor decisions and being really young and dumb. One thing for sure, I had no grit.

Grit arrived on the scene when I would pull myself up, dust myself off, and take a small step forward again. Over and over I would find myself get smarter and wiser with each lesson learned. That is when I harnessed grit. I began to feel empowered by it. Grit began to allow me to pick myself up quicker after the set back. I was able to shake off the pain, and often embarrassment of the situations I would find myself in.

Note: The early days of business were brutal financially for us, causing many issues with the lack of money. No matter how hard I worked it was very difficult. The rent needed to be paid and the light bill too. Yet, there was no money. It went to groceries to feed the kids. We sat in the dark a lot eating our meager meals. This is when grit springs forth in your life.

The good news is after a while things will get smoother and easier because of the grit. Keep picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving forward taking one step at a time. Grit? You will not need much, just a little.

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