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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Whether we build a foundation for a new house or a solid foundation to our day or week, the principal is the same. If your plans are to withstand all the elements this world can throw at you, well then, definitely the need is there for a very strong foundation. A strong foundation allows us to scale up. A strong foundation gives us incredible security and stability. It will literally insure your future. Yet, so many people want to wing it or fly by the seat of their pants.

Proactively making decisions to schedule productive and profitable projects during your primetime is the first step to working smarter and building a solid foundation. Find your most creative and most productive times within your day and your week and proactively invest time in key functions like planning, or organization. This simple activity can pay back a hundred fold not only saving you time but saving you energy and headaches. I know I can do without the headaches and the hassles; how about you?

For every one hour I invest in a written plan and strategy I save 3-5 hours of wasted time and energy. It is so easy to do. Yet, many people choose to struggle, waste time, and not have the success they deserve. Thinking through your challenges on paper and printing it out allows you to see things from another perspective. Literally get it out of your head and down on a notepad if you have to. Just get it out of your head, so it doesn't get all twisted up in there, ultimately paralyzing you into inaction.

What are you willing to do to build a stronger foundation in your life? It is never too late, so start building now.

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