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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Learning from the school of hard knocks has been a lot tougher on me than my dad was with his discipline efforts with me specifically as a child. Man ‘o man the pain, the PAIN! Over the years I have made many mistakes, poor judgments, poor decisions, faux pas, and the like. It took many more years to learn that when I do make a mistake, I need to be forthright and forthwith to take responsibility for my actions and decisions.

Now, I can honestly say I have learned that when I am wrong I must simply admit my failure quickly and with much emphasis and enthusiasm. I guess you could call it ‘taking the high road’. What often surprises me is that the person offended or hurt by my poor judgment is so willing to immediately forgive me and we are therefore able to move forward. I think this is a lost art in our world today.

Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions is key. Most importantly, if we have hurt another in the process of our decisions we really do need to ‘man up’ quickly and own it.

Fear would be the only thing that holds us back from admitting when we are wrong or did wrong. This is when we must proactively face that fear head on and be amazed at the results. Own it. Believe it. Admit it.

The benefit: You will be free to move forward, being much wiser as a result of learning from your mistakes.

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