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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Lately, it seems all aspects of life have huge changes occurring concurrently. All you have to do is pick up a newspaper or watch the news to realize that we are seeing major change going on all around the world, in our nation, in our state, and even in our own little community. Our family and business, likewise, are going through incredible changes. I suspect it is the same with all of you.

Facing change can be difficult, and many people try to avoid it whenever possible. We all know change is a fact of life, so we might as well accept it. However, I think we have to take it a step farther and actually embrace change-even anticipate and proactively welcome it into our lives, because as difficult as change is to deal with, positive and good things are often the result of change.

I have noticed that whenever I try to resist change, things are quite a bit tougher for me, and then I still have to go through the change anyway. When I decide to see the opportunities presenting themselves through change, I notice life is so much more manageable-even exciting. Now, it is to the point that I really like change. I seek it out. Sometimes I even cause change to happen.

The fear of change has the power to paralyze us, if we let it, and then we don't enjoy the success we desire. I challenge myself and others everyday to look for the opportunities in the midst of change, then step out, take the risk, make the change, embrace the change, and live the change!

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