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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Do you ever hit a brick wall? Something so unmovable that all seems futile and lost. Pushing through these times is most vital for our future success. Hitting brick walls does not mean all is lost. It might be just the start of something new.

There is nothing wrong with hitting the wall. It is what we do after we hit the wall that matters most. Generally, I pick myself up, dust myself off, shake it off, and recommit to my objective. Yes, a spirit of tenacity is a big part of it. Yes, it might seem a little bit masochistic, but we must not let anything get in our way or stop us as we move onward towards the goal and the target in life.

Hitting brick walls often forces me to go back to the basics–to my core so to speak–to what once worked. I rev up my internal engine to get back on track so that I can hit it again. Yes, I said hit it again. And again if required. We must press on with the mindset of tearing down and breaking through the walls that are holding us back. I know that I have many brick walls that I am currently hitting and hitting but I am working at with a voracious commitment.

These roadblocks are not going to hold me back from reaching my goals. These commitments runs so deep in my thinking that nothing is going to get in their way. Some might say I get a bit crazy about my commitments. But you kind of get a “bit off” if you have hit a bunch of brick walls over the decades. So that’s okay!

I know that if I can do this you can too. There is certainly nothing special about me. I am just a simple guy, on a mission.

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