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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Not many things rattle my cage, though when things get tough, my confidence has been known to take a dive on occasion. A phone call or a negative situation can trigger an attack on a person’s self confidence and belief systems, wouldn’t you agree? I believe my self confidence has grown over the years to some degree though. This generally is the case for most of we human beings, I suppose. My confidence comes from a variety of sources, such as my:

  • faith in God;

  • knowledge and skill sets;

  • relationships with wife, our children, and grandchildren;

  • relationships in business and industry.

As we face our fears, or tackle tough projects, overcome sticky and negative situations, or persevere through the difficulties in relationships, there is a tendency for our self confidence to increase. Knowing this, I challenge myself to face my fears most everyday. Stretching greatly out of my comfort zones in a proactive manner to flex my confidence muscle is a wise thing. Everyday I am encouraging people to reach out and build and/or strengthen relationships. I must do the very same thing. I challenge myself and others to be the best that we can be in our service to others and in our leadership roles. As I practice what I preach and teach on a daily basis this is really good for me and keeps me accountable and on course. No slackers allowed! I love it when my self confidence is an action based strategy. Take action and become the person you want and need to be!

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