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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Are you Stuck? Paralyzed? Have you ever found yourself in a deep hole? Or maybe you’re in just a rut on the road of life. I know I get stuck sometimes–mostly because of my thinking and/ or lack of thinking. As a farm kid I got the tractor stuck a lot, mostly because I would try to go into sticky places. I would go in with confidence and would come out with my tail between my legs. Dad would just shake his head in wonder! So once you get stuck, you obviously need to find a way to get yourself out. Here are three things you and I can do to get unstuck.

  • Get help. Many times we will find others have tools and resources that we ourselves do not possess. Other people really can be the lifeline needed, so reach out.

  • Be positive. Maybe there are some things needed to improve the attitude. We know grumbling and complaining doesn’t ever make things better, but being grateful helps us look at things in a more positive way. Cultivating a proper mental attitude is everything in sticky situations!

  • Get creative. We all have a gift of creativity to help us solve life’s challenges and sticky issues, so take a few moments to gather your thoughts and come up with a creative way to get up and out of that sticky situation.

  • Take action. Once you’ve developed a strategy, there’s no time like the present to put it into action. It won’t be long and you’ll be unstuck.

Use your gifts and abilities to take charge and pull yourself out of life’s setbacks is totally the key. Making the right kinds of decisions prior to getting stuck is not a bad idea either. It is totally fine also to celebrate a little bit once you get unstuck. Just determine to keep moving forward.

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