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Asking the tough questions sometimes you get the answers you do not want to hear. Especially when you ask them of yourself. Ouch. Well, they do say "No pain, no gain." This still must be true. So, if you dare to take the risk! Here are the Tough Questions I ask myself most everyday. Understand these are the questions I ask of myself as a businessman. They may need to be tweaked a bit to fit your life.

  1. If I only had one-half the time to complete what I do now, what would I need to change?

  2. What are the things I do that do not result in new revenue for the business?

  3. Who do I need to spend more time with to allow me to become more effective?

  4. Who do I need to spend less time with to free up more time and prevent me from falling prey to bad thinking?

  5. What can I outsource?

  6. What do I need to stop doing?

  7. What are the two things I need to do more of that will result in me having more success?

  8. What do I need to change about my own success mindset?

  9. Is my personal mindset growing and changing currently?

  10. What can I change as to how I look at my goals to find a way to achieve them more effectively?

As you see and can tell these are tough questions. Get yourself to a quiet place and get asking, and then listen to the answers. This should provide some massive motivation for you to take action in your life. (That's what it does for me, anyway!) It is not only a whack along side the head, but also a kick in the butt!

If you want to, you may send your answers to me, and I'll be happy to help you with the accountability and the life change.

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