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  • Vicki L. Prentice


Note from Bob. Today my post is a poem my dear wife wrote. I hope you enjoy it. With a groan she reached over

To silence the buzzing alarm;

Ugh! Is it already morning?

She thought to herself as she–ouch–bumped her arm.

Wishing it was the weekend,

‘Cuz sleeping in is something she’s always enjoyed.

I have to go to work today, she lamented–

Unless, of course, I’d rather be unemployed.

The day seemed to go downhill from there;

She spilled hot coffee on her brand new blouse,

And slammed the front door on her finger,

After having a heated discussion with her spouse.

Walking in late to the office,

The boss gave her a disapproving glance,

Then she turned to face a disgruntled customer,

And knew she didn’t stand a fighting chance.

She snapped at one of her co-workers;

All day she fumed and she stewed;

Not once, did she find cause to smile, must less laugh–

In fact, most of the day, she was down right rude.

One problem after another,

Why was everyone in the world so mad?

And the straw that broke the camel’s back

Was when the boss said “Your attitude is bad!

Next morning the alarm buzzed just like always,

But this time, she greeted the day cheerfully,

Breathed a prayer of thanks for a wonderful life,

And silently affirmed herself–No more bad attitude for me!

It’s a great day to be alive! she whispered to herself,

As she gave a cheerful greeting to her unsuspecting spouse;

Kissed all the kids–even the one who couldn’t find his socks,

And grabbed her umbrella, as she left the house.

Yes, it was raining, but that didn’t dampen her spirits;

She was excited to be going to fun today,

Armed with a new and improved, more positive attitude,

That would help her to handle whatever came her way.

It wasn’t that nothing went wrong at work–

But each time she encountered a difficulty, she’d smile,

Say a little prayer for grace, and then do her best,

Making it a point to go that extra mile.

Hour after hour, with each human encounter,

She was amazed to discover how pleasant people could be!

The customers and co-workers and even her boss,

Were definitely treating her a lot more positively.

The lessons she learned that day long ago,

Have led her to choose resolutely

The right kind of attitude every day– ‘Cuz attitude sure makes the difference–most absolutely!

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