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Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic!

You've heard it said–and I believe it's true– that 99.9% of everything in life boils down to having the right kind of attitude. We've also heard a lot over the years about PMA, or Positive Mental Attitude, and while this may have it's place, this isn't the kind of attitude I want to talk about today. The attitude I am referring to is a different kind of PMA, or what I call a "Proper Mental Attitude." A proper mental attitude is when you find some creative and innovative way to take a negative, and with the right attitude, turn this challenge into a positive. What is so wonderful about this is that anyone can learn the skills to do it! You only need to have a want to. One of the road blocks to having a proper mental attitude is negative thinking, and often the most negative thoughts we have are directed at ourselves. I like to keep a few positive affirmations at hand to help me think properly about myself and the situations I face. Here are some of my favorite affirmations that get me thinking in the right way:

  • Success is an attitude, and I have an attitude for success!

  • Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic!

  • Every day, in every way, I get a little better!

  • Plan your work and work your plan!

  • Proper planning prevents poor performance!

  • Let’s get to the good news!

​It's pretty difficult to change any negative situation into a positive one if we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, so I encourage you to begin training yourself to think proper thoughts in order to cultivate a proper attitude. After all, we can't always change or control a situation, but we can change and control our thoughts!

So, what are some affirmations you will use to help you become more intentional about developing a Proper Mental Attitude?

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