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Most people tend to think that if they could just manage somehow to get rid of their stress, life would be so much better for them. Stress is a daily fact of life that does take its toll on our relationships, health and wellbeing. Stress is something we all must learn to deal with in a positive way.

It’s important to remember that not all stress is negative. Actually, much of the stress we experience in life can be positive. We definitely should do whatever we can to minimize the negative stress, while at the same time maximizing the positive stresses in our lives.

Here are ten “Stress Busters” that I have practiced in my own life–actions that I have taken to help relieve the pressure and stress so I don’t “explode” all over those who are closest to me. I urge you to try them. What have you got to lose, but the stress?

Stress Buster #1 - Wake up in the morning with a purpose!

Stress Buster #2 - Go to bed at night counting your many blessings.

Stress Buster #3 - Take action on things you have been putting off.

Stress Buster #4 - Give of yourself in time and money to others.

Stress Buster #5 - Hold tight those who are precious to you.

Stress Buster #6 - Be a person of character and integrity.

Stress Buster #7 - Encourage people, keeping the focus on others and off of yourself.

Stress Buster #8 - Watch what you say and how you say.

Stress Buster #9 - Eat your “elephant” one bite at a time.

Stress Buster #10 - Stop to enjoy the simplicity of life's “little things” much more often.

Go ahead a re-read the list again. Absorb each stress buster into the thought patterns of your mind. You will notice that as you are focusing on these actions, your world will become more manageable; you’ll be more productive, and you will feel better about yourself. As you bring your stress under control, you’ll find more people will like being around you; you will be filled with peace and joy, and you’ll want to give more. What a natural and beautiful cycle that, when it continues, leads to a fuller and richer life than you could ever imagine. Take action and become.

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