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Acquire the keys you'll need to become a true leader with
Keys to Better LEADERSHIP! Session topics include:

Planning for Results Why is planning so important? Because, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail is more than just a cliche. It's the truth! This session will teach you the ten steps involved in the planning process.


Organize for Greater Productivity Discover how you can get organized and stay organized.


Direction & Delegation Learn how releasing opportunities to your people can help you to break the I can do it better and faster myself habit.


Inspiring Motivation There are basically three types of motivation–fear, incentive, and attitude motivation. Bet you can guess which one produces the best results!

Words that describe the word leadership

Performance Appraisals Do you review your employees' job performance on a consistent basis? Do you ever wonder how to be fair in these evaluations? This session will answer your questions and help you look forward to giving performance appraisals.


Creative Thinking Are you looking for ways to generate money-saving and money-making ideas? The answer may be right under your nose.


Problem Solving Discover the steps to achieving greater productivity by causing your people to solve their own challenges.


Making Decisions Knowing when and how to make decisions effectively is a vital skill. The goal is to be satisfied with the results. This session show you how.


Conducting Effective Meetings Time is precious and wasting time in meetings is a huge frustration for people. Don't put off learning how to conduct meetings that won't waste people's time and will produce the results you want.


Coordinating the Team Discover ways to maximize a person's greatest potential and allow them greater job satisfaction.


Developing Accountability Gain insight into the ways you can create in people a burning desire to be held accountable for their actions.


Building Morale This thought-provoking session utilizes role playing and case studies to introduce to you the tools necessary to build the people in your business or organization.


Resisting Resistance to Change People often resist the idea of change. In this session, you'll uncover the secrets of helping people adapt to changes in policies and/or procedures in a positive way.


Hiring Eagles Eliminate costly mistakes in hiring as you gain skills that will equip you to hire the right people for the job.


Personality Traits If you've ever wondered how such a nice person could be so sloppy in their work, or why another gets great results in their work but seems to be lacking in people skills, then this session is for you! Gain an understanding of what makes people the way they are, and you'll be a better leader.


Shifting Paradigms Over long periods of time people in leadership tend to develop mindsets. See how you can become more open minded in allowing new ideas and new ways of doing things. Yes, even an old dog can learn new tricks.


Communicate the Vision Would you like to have your team buy into the vision of your organization? Discover ways to involve them in the process.


Performance Standards In this session you'll learn how to determine specific and measurable standards that will motivate people, and how to implement these standards into your business or organization.


Install a Quality Mindset Discover how you can instill continuous improvement thinking into the daily habits of your employees. Find creative and innovative ways to build quality into their responsibilities.


Total Customer Service Focus your people on both the internal customer and the external customer. Develop the tools and skills to help your people understand how vital this is to their continued growth and livelihood.

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