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Keynote & Workshop Topics

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Attitudes for Excellence

Climb the ladder of success by knowing what it takes to develop a winning attitude. Plan for Excellence!

The Power of a GREAT Attitude

There are basically three types of motivation–fear, incentive, and attitude motivation. Bet you can guess which one produces the best results!

Be an Agent of Change

People often resist the idea of change. Uncover the secrets of helping people adapt to changes in a positive way.

Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Are you looking for ways to generate money-saving and money-making ideas? The answer may be right under your nose.

Acquire the keys you'll need to become a true leader with Keys to Better LEADERSHIP

Keys to Better Leadership will help you discover:

  • The difference between managers and leaders

  • How to plan so you get the results your looking for

  • Ways to communicate more effectively

  • Conduct meetings that never waste anyone's time

  • Release opportunities to your team members

Unlock the door to success as you reach your sales potential with Keys to Better SELLING

Learn result-producing sales strategies for:

  • Building interest and creating desire for your product or service

  • Using showmanship in selling

  • Establishing positive work habits and utilizing your time wisely

  • Welcoming objections and dealing with rejection

Keep your current customers happy while building a broader customer base with Keys to Better CUSTOMER SERVICE

It's easy to secure customer's business when you are:

  • Turning customer complaints into gold

  • Championing the teamwork in your business or organization

  • Building effective communication skills

  • Improving telephone technique

Doors will open wide when you receive the Keys to Better PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT which will enhance not only your performance at work, but your personal life as well.

Choose from a variety of topics including:

  • Attitudes for Excellence

  • Managing Negative Stress

  • Increasing Memory Power

  • The ORTEGA Philosophy

  • Four Phases of Attitude

  • Understanding Ourselves and Others

  • Memory Power

  • Communications

  • Shifting Paradigms

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Human Relations

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