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Testimonials of Mr. Attitude's Keynotes & Workshops

Bill T., an attendee at the September 2023 SD Association of Rural Water Systems Conference in Spearfish, South Dakota, says: "Thank you for an exquisite presentation. I heard many people talking about it that evening and the next day. It sounded like everyone enjoyed it, and many mentioned that they found an enlightening moment from the presentation."

Join the ranks of Bob "Mr. Attitude" Prentice's satisfied Keynotes and Workshops clients! 

Read what a few of the participants in the October 2021 South Dakota Leadership Academy in Mitchell South Dakota had to say about Bob:
  • Connie Schroeder, Executive Director, South Dakota Leadership Academy, Mitchell Technical Institute, Mitchell, South Dakota: "We are so fortunate to have you share your time and talent with the SDLA class again this year. You add amazing value to our program!"

  • Brady, Golden West Telecom: "Thank you so much for bringing some clarity into my life. Everything you said resonated with me and it felt like a big wake up call! I really feel like your action plans will make a huge difference in my life when I start applying them."

  • Dee: "Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your passion for attitude and planning with the 2021-22 SDLA class. It was an entertaining and energizing experience. Keep being enthusiastic!"

  • Graham: "I appreciate your positivity. Your analogies were spot on and resonated with me."

  • Adam: "You made it easy to relate topics to every day life and career."

  • Max: "ORTEGA really resonated with me. I will keep this information you provided, to review from time to time. Please know, I will find value as a result. Your attitude is infectious!"

  • Matt: "I really did enjoy the segment about the planning steps. It is crazy how simple that was and helpful!"

Marsha W., October, 2021 Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska: "Thank you, Bob! I think you delivered a great message and it was well suited for our group. You never disappoint!"

Cory B., April 2019  conference in Omaha, Nebraska: "Bob was amazing!! He was so fun and engaging. His entire attitude on his life and how to apply that attitude in your life was simple, direct, and measurable. All his directives can be used in business and in your personal life. He is a must see!"

Danielle G., September 2918 conference in Oacoma, South Dakota: "After your presentation, my little group agreed that you were no dummy – but rather smart to use props and common language to ensure we remembered your teachings for longer. Thank you!" 


Maggie S., September 2017 Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota: "This was our 5th annual conference, and I got endless amounts of feedback from employees who said that out of all of the conferences, you were their favorite. You have such a great talent with speaking and presenting. People can relate to you and in turn they open themselves up more. It was such a joy to see them all participate, come out of their shells, and have FUN. It really was a treat to have you at our conference this year."

Sarah  L., June 2016 Conference in Chamberlain, South Dakota: We were quite pleased and your presentation was so touching. It offered a great reminder to step back and think about what is most important in life, despite our busy lives and jobs. Thanks so much for being there and sharing your stories and your positive message!


Helen B., April 2016 Rosenbauer America conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: "Bob, you left a lasting impression on many. I heard people using different portions from your presentation and heard people talking about attitude and opportunities and goals. It's great when they have a take-away. We thank you for doing for us what is very difficult for most people. And you did a wonderful job!"


Ryan S., April 2016 Conference in Chamberlain, South Dakota: "Bob spoke at our last NPAHMM conference for the NPAHMM folks and did a great job motivating our staff and talking through relevant issues that face us every day. His common sense approach, humor, and enthusiasm resonated with our group."


Angela A., September 26, 2013 Corporate Function in Pierre, South Dakota: Wonderful presentation! He provided many tools and ideas for having a better attitude.


Rich J., September 18, 2013 Corporate Function in Manhattan, Kansas: Mr. Bob Prentice was a highly motivated and professional speaker. Bob did ground work ahead of time to ensure a knowledgeable dialogue would take place. Mr. Prentice has made several offers to follow up with our customers to ensure their goals are achieved, at no expense to them. I would highly recommend him to any group in any setting.


Beth H., May 16, 2013 Corporate Function in Sherburn, Minnesota: Bob's professionalism and personality matched his title as "Mr. Attitude"! From the first conversation, my company's needs were completely embraced. Bob invested in understanding our mission, purpose, and needs. In planning the event, Bob was flexible, available, and efficient. In presenting, Bob delivered and then some! He followed his pre-planned agenda, thoroughly improvised interjections from the audience, and was engaging the entire time. Audience participation was at its best thanks to Bob's motivational techniques. Bob surpassed all expectations, and I look forward to working with him in the future. His success is already known throughout the community.


Sara S., April 2012 Event in Lincoln, Nebraska: Bob did and excellent job at our event! He left our staff with the motivation that he had promised and you can hear the echo of enthusiasm down the hallways. The stories were very enlightening and he really engaged the audience no matter what the size. We really enjoyed his participation in our event. Thanks Bob!


Kelly P., April 2012 Corporate Function in Brainerd, Minnesota: Bob was a very nice gentleman. Great sense of humor. Lots of energy. We received several comments from attendees in regards to him being an enjoyable speaker.


Mary L., April 2012 Convention in Rapid City, South Dakota: Very easy to work with. On the evaluations, most participants expressed that they enjoyed the session. Several participants said they would like to hear him again.


Emily F., March 2012 Corporate Function in Fargo, North Dakota: Bob was very compelling and was able to keep the audiences attention.


Michael J., February 2012 Corporate Function in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Our company brought Bob in for company gathering of our store management team, corporate support team, as well as their spouses/significant others. Bob was fantastic in relating his presentation to not just a work environment, but to personal lives, and how to think and approach them in different ways. He was excellent at gaining attention and participation right from the beginning, and maintained it during the entire presentation. Everyone really enjoyed his stories and ideas from his personal experiences. I would definitely recommend Bob for other events!


Carol K., September 2011 Corporate Function in Lawrence, Kansas: "We LOVED Bob! He was not your typical motivational corporate functioning guy that you see all the time. He gave us the tools we need to work towards a positive attitude. He is a truly genuine man with a good heart and a love for his fellow man. Bob gave us a new respect for our peers in the work place. There were many tears and much laughter! A great time was had by all. We would recommend him again and hope to have him back another time."


Jennifer S., August 2011 Awards Night Party in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Bob was very entertaining. He was very professional to work with in setting up the event and he connected very well with our audience. He was great to work with and a joy to have present. Thanks for helping us get him booked for our event!


Mary P., April 2011 Convention in Sioux City, Iowa: Bob was great. The audience was entertained and uplifted. Very positive presentation. Could present to almost any audience. He was also great about communicating with me before the conference. I talked to him on the phone several times and he answered my emails very quickly. I would recommend him to other groups without hesitation.


Jenell W., April 2011 Convention in Mitchell, South Dakota: Bob was a terrific ending to our conference. The response from our members on our evaluation form was very positive and they seemed to have enjoyed Bob very much. I would sum up the experience as a very positive learning experience with a lot of humor. We would definitely consider inviting him to speak again if the opportunity would arise.


Audrey S., August 2010 Picnic in Bismarck, North Dakota: Thank you for giving our event an opportunity to respond. The responses I received from our event coordinators and our attendees was overwhelming. We had a wonderful time and he exceeded our expectations. How lucky you are to have such a gift at your disposal. Thanks again and we will be using you again next year.


Pam F., April 2010 Convention in Pierre, South Dakota: Mr. Prentice was very accommodating and very well received by the persons attending his function. Many people remembered what he had said and in this time of the economy - were determined to carry through on what he addressed.


Alice G., April 2010 Community Event in Hazen, North Dakota: "We have heard so many positive comments about Bob Prentice's presentation. I would recommend hiring "Mr. Attitude" to anyone who has an upcoming event, as he motivates and inspires during his presentation!"


Jeff A., March 2009 Private Party in Morris, Minnesota: Bob did a great job! We would have him back again.

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