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Unlock the door to success as your reach your sales potential with
Keys to Better SELLING! Session topics include:

Building the Prospect's Interest Discover how you can ask the right questions to get the information that you need to lead the prospect in making a decision. This is a powerful session.


Creating Desire Paint a picture of how the prospect will benefit from your product or service.


Memory Power Build your memory for names, facts, benefits, features, and make great impressions on people.


Establishing Positive Work Habits Not only work hard but work smart to accomplish your goals and objectives.


Time Management In the business of selling, time is money. Learn how to maximize time in this session.


Selling is an Away Game Understand that the sale is going to be made in your prospect's mind.


Prospecting for Gold Nuggets  We must have high prospecting activity if we are to find the potential customers.


Keys and key chain that says, "Success"

Gaining the Prospect's Attention I will teach you over ten ways to gain a prospects attention.


Dealing with Rejection How can you bounce back from the challenge of rejection? Is there really a way to turn it into an opportunity for growth? Dealing with Rejection will show you how.

Getting the Appointment  It's tough to nail a decision-maker down. Learn how you can approach the potential customer and cause them to want to meet with you.

Asking Result-Producing Questions  Discover key questions you can ask to open up all kinds of opportunity for you with your prospective customer.

Convincing the Decision-Maker  The buyer says, "Just give me the facts–that's all I have time for." We'll teach you how to get results by talking benefits and features.

Showmanship in Selling The key to successful selling is to get the prospect involved in the buying process. This session will SHOW you how.

Painting Word Pictures Imagine that you have easily aroused an eager desire within your prospect and quickly built that desire to the point of buying. Sound impossible? This session guarantees you success.

Power Closing Asking for the commitment and the cash can be very stressful for both the buyer and the seller. Learn how and when to close the sale.

Sales Planning Do you want to double your income? This session will help you plan for it.

Enthusiastic Selling Conrad Hilton said, "Enthusiasm is the little recognized secret of success." Enthusiastic Selling will teach you what enthusiasm is (and what it's not) and how it can lead you to the success you desire.

Cold Calling Do you get the chills just thinking about making cold calls? Attend this session and you'll warm up right away!

Personal Motivation You've just got to learn to pick yourself up off the floor whenever you've been knocked down. This session will help you to do just that.

Managing Sales Stress The sales profession, though very rewarding, is often very stressful. Let us teach you how to deal with stress more effectively.

Understanding Others If you sometimes wonder why people do the things they do, this session will help you gain valuable insight in understanding others.

Assertive Selling Do you wonder if people take you seriously? Does it seem as though you don't receive the respect you feel you deserve? Discover ways to assert yourself and you'll notice that others treating you better.

Activity Level – Activity = Sales = Cash = Happiness. In this session, you will learn about the activity that has proven, time and time again, to be the best use of your time as a salesperson.

The Buying Selling Process Learning the steps of the buying and selling process, and how to determine what step the prospect is on, will certainly help to speed up the sale.

Networking You have heard it said before:    "It's not what you know, but who you know. . ." Discover ways to tap into an often over-looked resource.

Welcoming Objections  Handling Objections will help you see how easy it is to answer the prospect's objections to buying. Once you learn the secret, you will not be put off by any objection.

Working with a Sales Team  Salespeople are noted for their independence. However, there are times when we are required to work with others. We will focus on ways to be better team players in this session.

The Ten-Ton Telephone Does fear grip you every time you have to talk on the phone? Do you sometimes feel as though it weighs a ton? Overcome your fear and let the telephone become a tool to increase your effectiveness.

Keeping the Customer for Life Anyone can make a sale to gain a new customer. But how easy is it to keep that customer? The key to repeat sales is developing long-term business relationships and this session will show you how.

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