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This week's blog post is the second article in a series, spelling out the word ATTITUDE. Last week we started with 'A' is for AMBITION. Today, we come to the letter 'T' which stands for TEAMWORK. Don't forget to check back next week to discover what the second 'T' in ATTITUDE stands for.

When two or more people come together to accomplish an objective, things happen. When I think of the benefits of teamwork, I get excited. Nothing works like teamwork. To make teamwork happen, you must tap into everyone's potential. Confirm that each participant in the team is dedicated to the mission and they are clear of the results to be expected. A team must be in step with each other. The team must pull in the same direction. The synergy created when teamwork is occurring is one of the most powerful forces on earth. From the great pyramids, monuments, and architecture built over the years creativity, hard labor, and teamwork are the methodologies to such amazing reminders of the power of the human spirit and potential when we work together.

Our grandchildren and I team up on apple picking projects, and gardening projects all the time. My wife and I have been an incredible team over the years in business. When I share one of my ideas with her, she uses her masterful creativity to take it to the next level. She sure makes me look so good on all the book covers, websites, flyers, and such.

I love working collaboratively with other business people and teaming up on creative business strategies.

I consistently seek out people, organizations, and other businesses to team up with all the time. I do it knowing that the benefits are going to be there. Of course, I make sure everyone has the right attitude and ultimately EVERYONE WINS.

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