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When I am teaching and training in my seminars I always like to sprinkle in a little humor. To me, there is nothing in the world like hearing a room full of people enjoying a good old-fashioned belly laugh. Of course, you know I always keep my humor very clean and wholesome. Generally, I play myself down a little bit or bring humor out in the story via a punch line or little quip.

I must admit that for many years now, I have been "addicted" to hearing the laughter of others. When I am able to make people laugh, it's even better than the paycheck, though it is pretty hard to pay my electric bill with a good joke. Seems they always want cash, and if they don't get it–well you know what can happen then. And that's no joke!

Seriously now, laughter has many benefits. Laughter reduces stress, makes us healthier, and invigorates the oxygen going through our system, and I think it even makes us a little smarter. I believe everyone should try to have at least one good laugh each day. Whenever I begin to experience negative stress in my life I turn on the laugh-o-meter and look for ways to find humor in the littlest of things. I might read a humorous story or talk with a funny friend. Reading a joke book is sure to get you laughing in no time at all. Gosh, I've even tried looking in the mirror and making funny faces. Some of us do not have to work very hard at that! Whatever you do, just find the humor. It's out there.

When I hear laughter I am drawn to it like a pool of cool, clean water in the desert. Laughter is like the sun shining on your face on a warm, spring day. There is also a special joy in bringing laughter to others. Even as I write this, I cannot help but think of a couple of people I know, who can be real sourpusses, because they have allowed silly, minor and trivial garbage steal their joy. I certainly hope you do not allow yourself to ever be a sourpuss.

Let nothing in life steal your joy. And if you feel like you or someone around you is becoming a bit of a sourpuss, stop to think how you might break the tension, by bringing a little humor into the situation. Go ahead and have a good belly laugh! It's like sunshine to your soul!

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