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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Practice daily the principle of living in the moment. We humans can so easily get caught up with living in the past along with the regrets and worries of the past. Or even worse, we stress out and fear the future.

When I feel the pressures and stresses of everyday life begin to hammer down on me, I pause and ask myself these questions: Am I living in the moment? Can I really do anything about the yesterdays except learn from them? Can I do anything about the tomorrows except plan and prepare for them? The key is to live in the now. Live in the seconds and the minutes in the motion of time. Time never takes a holiday–as long as the rotations are taking place anyway. Our holiday begins with living in the moment. This is where you will find peace and joy and ultimately greater success and happiness. Living in the moment keeps us from merely spinning our wheels, and helps up to be more productive so we can get the things done we need to get done.

So, this week I encourage you to find the joy in the moment. Find the nugget. Find the thing that will satisfy that hunger that craving for greater success. As I write these words today. I am living in the moment. Yes, I have conferences coming up and miles to travel but I am focused here and zeroing in on my words of encouragement to you my dear reader. Seize the moment and live rich!

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