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What goes around comes around

Years ago I had a grumpy boss who never seemed to have a kind word for anyone, nor did he offer any appreciation for a good job or hard work. One day, I decided to make a sincere effort to let him know how much I enjoyed my job and appreciated the opportunity to learn from him. Not long after I had made this decision to heap piles of kindness on my boss, he called me into his office and told me he was going to be gone out of the country for two and half weeks and that I was going to be in charge while he was away. Well to make a long story short, my strategy paid off. My boss came back from his vacation, a new man–kinder and more appreciative of the work I was doing. Not only that, but I was much wiser, having discovered the principle of sowing and reaping really works! If you plant seeds of kindness and appreciation into someone else’s life it will bring forth a healthy crop of kindness and appreciation. This principle of honestly sharing with others something you see in their lives and exposing it to them is very powerful. People love to know what others are thinking about them! I try to practice this concept everywhere I travel and love the reactions I get, especially since people don’t know me. First I observe a person’s actions and behaviors, watching for something good–a smile, a courtesy, or their being extra helpful. Then I let the person know about the good that I’ve noticed or heard about them. Often they will blush or pooh-pooh their action. But I sincerely tell them again how refreshing it is to observe such a great attitude in serving others. They respond with a sincere thank you and we go our separate ways. Giving someone honest and sincere appreciation is one of the wisest things that you can do to promote good human relations. Notice, there’s a side benefit to sowing seeds of appreciation: You will reap a harvest of appreciation from others, and very often it comes when you need it the most. What goes around, comes around! Consider for a moment what you will do today to give another some sincere appreciation, and see if it doesn't come back to you.

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