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“Whether you tend a garden or not, you are the gardener of your own being,

the seed of your destiny.” ~The Findhorn Community

When you're green you're growing

This is a true statement, and being an avid gardener that I am, and recently having harvested all the wonderful things my gardens produced this year, I am able to reflect on the great pleasure I have experienced in the gardening process, along with enjoying the benefits of what I consider to be an incredible form of therapy for me. As I munch on some cherry tomatoes, I cannot help but think about how much gardening parallels the human life.

As we all know, just as there are cycles in the growing life in plants, there are also cycles in the growing life of a human being. For instance, when we humans quit growing (i.e. quit learning and improving) we begin the downward spiral of the life cycle, just as a plant, once it has stopped growing begins to decline in quality; in essence it begins to rot.

That is why every day we human beings must find something that will cause us to keep growing. There is life when we are growing, and if we stop growing, well, we start to rot!

Our quality of life suffers and we are not so pleasant to be around, anymore. Sometimes we don’t even like our own company.

So go ahead, and take a class, read a book, stretch out of your comfort zones in life and take a risk. Here is a short list of things a person can do to keep growing.

  • Dig up a new hobby.

  • Sow some new habits.

  • Absorb positive “life affirming” information.

  • Plant seeds of success into people’s lives.

  • Weed and cultivate out the garbage.

I think you get the picture. You will harvest a crop of good friends and a life full of richness and blessings when you keep growing.

I encourage you to take a few moments to ponder this question: What is my plan to keep growing?

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