Answers to frequently asked questions:

How much does Mr. Attitude's training cost?

There are a number of variables calculating the cost of training, such as number of people, location, travel time, length of presentation and whether it is a motivational talk or an actual training or combination of both, including how many sessions are needed or wanted. With all that being said, it averages $500.00 per hour plus travel expenses. I can also get creative with the fee for non-profit organizations and not for profit groups. Just let me know what you are thinking and planning and I will be more than happy to give you a custom quote.


Can I check Mr. Attitude's references?

Of course. I have many testimonials (some of which can be found right here on the website.) Alternatively, I can put you in touch with any number of satisfied PDS customers. Just let me know.


How much do I need to be involved in Mr. Attitude's training sessions?

As much or as little as you feel comfortable with. In order for your organization to receive the maximum benefit from Mr. Attitude's training, I will spend time with you, in person, on the phone or via email, to get a feel for what your company or organization specific needs are before I put together a proposal. This allows me to better customize the training, which helps make it more relevant in the work place.


What materials does Mr. Attitude provide?

PDS provides full training materials, awards and special handouts.

What is included in the price?

Quite simply, everything that is needed to successfully deliver the training, from pre-training research to post-training support. All the course material and workbooks are also included.

What are the geographical areas covered by Mr. Attitude's training?

I will go to any location anywhere in the world. PDS service is built around delivering training at a location to suit you. In addition, I am now able to hold seminars online in a state-of-the-art conference room, which can be very cost effective for your company.

What type of facility is needed to deliver Mr. Attitude's training at my location?

The basic requirements are a well-lit, airy room, at least one electrical power point, and a chair for each participant; tables or desks are also helpful, depending on the particular training session. A white board and flip-chart on site is very helpful; alternatively we can bring our own. Ideally, there should be toilet facilities and a rest area close by for when attendees need to have a break.

Why should I consider Mr. Attitude's training at all?

It is a proven fact that, if facilitated correctly, training not only harnesses and improves skills, but is an excellent way to motivate staff.

Will I get any feedback from Mr. Attitude's training?

Yes! Once the training has been completed, I will happily discuss with you how the course went, and any concerns and opportunities that may have been highlighted. I can also positively encourage attendees to complete a feedback form which details their overall view of the training they have received, if you would like me to.

How many people will Mr. Attitude train at any one time?

I will work with one person or a thousand or more, and anything in between. I love working with people!

What training courses do you offer?

Generally, we do not have "off the shelf" courses as such. Training needs vary from customer to customer so we write personalized courses for each project. We specialize in training where an organization's staff has interaction with customers, both internal and external, from Customer Service through to telephone and field sales. To get an idea of how we can help, please consult the Keynotes & Workshops and click on the topic that most interests you.

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