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Keep your current customers happy while building a broader customer base with Keys to Better CUSTOMER SERVICE! Topics include:

Attitudes for Success Climb the ladder of success by knowing what it takes to develop a winning attitude. Plan for Excellence – Customers love to be treated like royalty. Develop a customer service plan that is fit for a king (or queen.)


Turning Customer Complaints into Gold Tapping into the gold mine of customer complaints, by learning to welcome them as opportunities, can actually increase your income.


Team Up with Teamwork Develop the skills and knowledge to work as a team player, and make teamwork, work for you.


Relating to Others Understand how treating people with respect and compassion will return to you several times over.

The Ten-Ton Telephone Does fear grip you every time you have to talk on the phone? Do you sometimes feel as though it weighs a ton? Overcome your fear of the telephone and let it become a tool to increase your effectiveness.

Words related to customer service

Paradigm Paralysis Find out how we can become paralyzed by our own mindsets and how to shift out of those mindsets for greater success.


Using Proper Phraseology The proper communications in business will make or break your commitment to customer service. Discover how the use of just the right words can open the customer's mind, and one wrong word could send them to your competition.


Focus on Quality  Discover ways that you can cause each member of your team to focus on their own personal commitment to the quality of customer service.


The Better Customer Service Image  The customer's first impression is an important one, and so is each impression after the first one. In this session, we'll focus on tools that your people can use to enhance the image of your business to the customer.


Accountability  How can you achieve your goals in the area of customer service? Uncover the principles of accountability and you will be sure to keep your customers.


Understanding What Makes a Customer Tick  Why are some people so difficult to deal with? Why is it that no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to satisfy some customers? In this session you will learn to appreciate each person's unique temperament, and use this knowledge to deal more effectively with your customers.


Keeping a Customer for Life  Anyone can make a sale to gain a new customer. But how easy is it to keep that customer? The key to repeat business is developing long term business relationships that are able to weather the storms of turbulent and competitive times.

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