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It's all about having the proper mental attitude!

It's all about having the proper mental attitude!

 Business & Life Coach
Corporate Trainer
Motivational Speaker 

For over 35 years, Bob "Mr. Attitude Prentice" has been delivering
powerful, result-producing coaching and training in professional
development, leadership, sales, customer service, and more!


Need someone to kick off, wrap up, or participate in any portion
of your next event? Call Bob today to discuss the details!

Producing high energy business content and presentation solutions for all types of corporate environments and industry functions, Mr. Attitude’s focus on humorous and meaningful messages will energize your event, engage retreat groups, and entertain attendees, resulting in unforgettable takeaways and memorable meetings that will be talked about for months–even years–to come.


Specializing in:

• Attitudes for Excellence 

• Total Customer Service 

• Goal Setting & Planning for Results

• Relationship Building

• Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

• Decision Making

• Stress Management

• Time Management 

• Keys To Better Leadership

• Selling Ideas, Products & Services 

• And much more!


"My friends call me Mr. Attitude"

Here's what people have to say about "Mr. Attitude"

Bill T.
Attendee at the South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems in Spearfish says:

"Thank you for an exquisite presentation. I heard many people talking about it that evening and the next day also. It sounded like everyone enjoyed it and many mentioned that they found an enlightening moment from the presentation."

Zelda Gebhard
North Dakota Association

for the Blind says:

"Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your message with us! Your presentation and your time with us on Saturday morning were very well received! I am absolutely sure that you planted many seeds of kindness and will make a difference in lives, that will in turn make a difference in other peoples lives. I am praying for a great domino effect that will ripple far and wide beyond our organization! "

Kristi Suchor, Agent
Ihry Insurance Agency,
Towner North Dakota says:

...what an awesome human you are! Your enthusiasm, knowledge, awesome attitude, and creativity are all great qualities we should strive to have in our lives. I learned so much from you in the short time we spent together–from creative ways to keep the customer engaged, the 12 basic rights that I and everyone else have…to planning the days ahead with the quick start concept, and actively listening and pausing before responding. I think the best thing is, whenever I hung up the phone from one of our sessions, your amazing attitude and positivity sure rubbed off on me, and for that, I am grateful. Not to mention all the wonderful tools to utilize in the future.” 

Cole Gibbs
Founder & CEO of
Dama BioPlastics says: 

“Bob Prentice, aka Mr. Attitude, has been an absolute game-changer in my life. His enthusiasm, knowledge, awesome attitude, and creativity are qualities we all aspire to possess. In our short time together, I absorbed a wealth of wisdom – from innovative techniques to keep customers engaged, to practical strategies like stress management and the art of creating a successful action plan. 

But what truly sets Bob apart is his infectious positivity. Every time I hung up the phone after one of our sessions, I couldn't help but feel uplifted and inspired by his amazing attitude. For that, I am immensely grateful. And let's not forget the treasure trove of tools he provided for future use. Bob, you are a beacon of light in a sometimes challenging world, and I can't thank you enough” 

Mr. Attitude has served hundreds of individuals,
companies and organizations–large and small–and is eager to serve YOU!

Ready to learn more? Bob is eager to hear from you, 

Call him now! 605.450.1955

Serving these areas: 

Mr. Attitude currently serves clients in his home state of South Dakota, as well as states throughout the midwest and western regions of the United States, including: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota and Wyoming. Mr. Attitude loves to travel, and would enjoy traveling to your area to work with your business or organization wherever you are!

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