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Dear Friends of Mr. Attitude,

I am so grateful for the outpouring of love from those of you who already know of Bob's passing. I apologize to those of you who are just now learning that Bob has left us. His passing has surely left a hole in our hearts and an empty place in the professional world. Please know that each and every one of you–Bob's speaking, consulting, and coaching clients–were very special to him, and the many memories I hold of those of you I have met or talked with will forever be etched in my heart.

If you are in need of a speaker for your next event, please feel free to contact Ryan Botner, who has been well-schooled in the ways of Mr. Attitude. We thank God for bringing Ryan into our lives in February 2022 so Bob could "download his heart and mind" to Ryan in preparation for him launching his own speaking and coaching business! I can assure you that Ryan is truly a Mr. Attitude 2.0, and you will come to love him and his enthusiastic passion for life every bit as much as you have loved Bob!

I invite you to read Bob's obituary. Love to you all!
Vicki L. Prentice

Rest in Peace
Bob "Mr. Attitude" Prentice

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Robert (Bob) Prentice
April 18, 1958 - November 27, 2023

A Look Back at Bob Prentice.

Bob "Mr. Attitude" Prentice, Business & Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker

For over 35 years, Bob Prentice has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people through his motivational speaking, corporate training, and business consulting. A true entrepreneur, Bob has authored, produced, and published hundreds of articles, two books, and numerous podcasts that convey his message to the world. 


Interestingly enough, Bob accomplished all of this without ever going to work – because he loves his work so much he considers it play! Bob truly loved people and loved helping them succeed in their personal and professional lives. 


Bob’s quest to help humanity began at home with a loving, 45-year marriage to his wife, Vicki. Together they enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of raising and mentoring two sons and two daughters to adulthood by using the same values and strategies that Bob shares with his audiences. He especially treasured the opportunities he has to influence his six grandchildren in building a strong foundation based on having the right kinds of attitudes.  Read Bob's obituary.

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